Glucagon Mini-Dosing | Caleb’s Recap #vlog

Our friend Bill from is hosting the “Pay It Forward Program”. Bill is a diabetes video master. He, in conjunction with has created this program to get video cameras to people who might not otherwise have access to one. If you’ve always wanted to create a diabetes related video, but couldn’t get your hands on the proper equipment, now’s your chance to let your creative ideas and energies flow. See Bill’s site for more info on the program.

Because we love all things Bill, Caleb signed up for the program, we received one of Bill’s Mino HD Flip cameras and we went to work. After considering a few ideas, Caleb felt the story of his mini-glucagon experience was an important one to share.

You may have read my version of events yesterday. Here is Caleb’s recap. However, I warn you, this may not be appropriate viewing if you are the slightest bit squeamish. This video was created by Caleb, a seven year-old boy with a typical seven year-old boy’s sense of humor. Please keep that in mind should you dare to proceed.

I decided not to discourage Caleb’s creativity as he was particularly enthusiastic about his ideas. I apologize in advance. 🙂

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  1. Great video, Caleb (and Lorraine!). Oh, and props on the “effects,” Caleb! Glad it all worked out perfectly as far as the post-Santa visit food and sickness experience.

    1. Whew – good to know you will be chuckling and you haven’t completely lost your appetite for the day. I have a bit of apprehension regarding Caleb’s content! 🙂

  2. ROFLMAO! He is just too funny! And his vomit was very realistic! I’m very impressed! I must say I didn’t “get” his joke (Being a non d person) but I laughed hard at him saying wait don’t go! I didn’t realize those little vials were insulin vials. They are so cute! I thought you bought them at Michaels! Another d “joke” I didn’t get! Tell Caleb to keep those videos coming so he can keep us all entertained! Oooh, perhaps a video on the beeping pod???

    1. Thanks Erin. A1C is a measurement of blood glucose levels that people living with diabetes are very familiar with.

  3. LOVE CALEB!! What a talented strong smart little boy! He has such a good grasp on reality. You should get him to do more of these, at least for OUR entertainment! thanks.

  4. This is wonderful and I totally get the 7 year old humor in it. Thanks for the video – great idea and oh, by the way, Caleb – you rock!!!

  5. Very nice video. Did he come up with the vomit idea! Very clever. 🙂 Keep the videos coming… My blood sugar might be high cause I’m eating them up! (*haha*)

  6. “A1C steak sauce?” “Just another happy diabetic”? Reenactment of his vommitting scene complete with red liquid? Seriously. Caleb is ready to take his show on the road. I would pay money to here to some of that schtick!

    Love it. Gonna share it on FB. Then I am going to let me 8yo dwd watch it. Shoot, I think I will grab the whole family to watch it.

    The insulin vials were cool, but I was most impressed to see that miniature fisher price phone ornament!!!!

    1. That was one of my favorite toys as a child! There’s also the Fisher Price barn that goes “moo” when you open the door on the tree, though harder to see.

  7. Ha! I love it! I so appreciate his humor! He is absolutely darling! What a great video! We will have to go check out One Happy Diabetic. I have a little diabetic that just loooooves the camera! Great work, Caleb!

  8. GRRR…I cant view it from my phone! But we watch all your you tube vids so let me know if you upload it there pleeease!!! J would love to see it! Sidebar: I clicked link for Bills pgm but sadly got a blank page. Any idea how I can apply? We would love one. These 26 second videos from my cell aint cuttin’ it ..:)

  9. Wonderful! Such a great video! Caleb is so funny. The throw up scene was perfect! Loved the special effects. And I remember saying the a1c joke once or twice at the dinner table back in the day! Great job guys! 🙂

  10. that was so adorable!!! I am glad it all worked out more even more we can all laugh about it now… Way to go on the acting and special effects

  11. To Caleb from Matthew: “That was SO AWESOE! You are funny. We need to be penpals.”

    To Lorraine from Tracy: Your son is now my son’s hero!

    Seriously though, thank you so much for the glucagon post. I always considered glucagon scary…..but really it is just a tool. Another tool that we can use to help our kids. Thank you so much for helping me to see it this way!

    1. Yahoo! That’s why I shared. Knowing what others went through helped me and if not for those stories, I would have been a little terrified I think. 🙂

  12. He is precious Lorraine! Good job Caleb! Cute joke and I liked the reenactment of the puking. I guess I am a 7 year old at heart =)

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