“He’s Yours for a Reason” | #dsma Guest Post & #SibsofDKids

I’m honored to be a guest blogger at Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, a venture that Cherise created and moderates and of which I have the privilege of being an advisory board member.

As luck would have it, it coincides with the Sibs of D Kids event that Sherry and Lexi put together. One of the points of my post is how I try to balance my relationships with each of my children as equally as I can.

So I ask that you visit me over at DSMA to read about the inspiration behind my Twitter handle, Colcalli: Caleb and his D-Sibs, Colin and Lila.

Have a fun Sibs of D Kids day!!

3 Replies to ““He’s Yours for a Reason” | #dsma Guest Post & #SibsofDKids”

  1. The guest post is so beautiful.
    You have so much talent on writing and you’re such a good Mom for Colin, Caleb and Lila. They are yours for a good reason.
    And I really love to read posts from you and watching your videos on YouTube.
    Colin, Lila and Caleb are so cute/cool 🙂
    Keep on with writing, its so great that you are doing this.

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