Harry Potter – the Ultimate Remedy? | Podcast

Not that you have an hour to spare, or if you did you would spend it listening to me, but should you be so inclined, I invite you to listen to me talk with Chris on “Just Talking”. He has devoted the month of November to all diabetes Podcasts and he and I kicked it off couple of weeks ago. Since then he’s also talked with Nikki Lang and the combined talents of Ginger, Manny and Dayle.

Chris blogs at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia and is a wonderful Podcast host. I’ve enjoyed listening to several of his interviews while getting to know so many of the DOC a little better.  If only I let him talk a little more, Podcast 55 might be a little more entertaining. 🙂

I think Chris did a fantastic job with the questions he asked and I thank him for taking the time to include me in his line-up.  I had a complete blast!

Much of the conversation is about Caleb, parenting a child with diabetes and the power of the DOC, but we also touch upon the Yankees, my accent (who me – an accent?), some of our heros and how Harry Potter can help get you through what could otherwise be a very tough time.  My apologies in advance for all my babbling and “umms” and such.

PS: Harry Potter 7, Part 1 releases in movie theaters TODAY!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

12 Replies to “Harry Potter – the Ultimate Remedy? | Podcast”

  1. hahaha…i DID listen…i thought it was great!…and this Harry Potter thing?…we have never been into it (**gasp**)…but in the last few months my oldest flew through the books…so we’re gonna have to see the newest movie i suppose…

  2. I listened to it, it was so great getting to know about your beginnings and how This is Caleb came to be! You are a gem Lorraine!

  3. Loved it, I liked the mix of diabetes talk and everyday life. Just a good reminder that even with diabetes, there is so much more non-diabetes going on.

    Especially loved the outtakes… “Shut up!”

    1. Thank you Mindy – you are a peach for listening. I thought we were done recording at the “shut up” part. Little did I know…

  4. I can’t wait to listen! Have you seen Harry yet? I’m bummed that I’m sick and missing it tonight….can’t wait. EXCEPT I know I’m just going to hate waiting for Part 2. 🙂

  5. I started listening to it…I’ll have to finish it later this w/e…but what accent?! I think you sound fabulous and thanks for introducing us to yet another blogger in the D-OC Lorraine. Have a great w/e and a great Thanksgiving GIRL!!!

  6. Loved it, it’s fun getting to match a voice to what has simply been pictures. We see the written word and your pictures and I think we all put our own spin on what what people sound like. It’s cool to see if we were close and, no, I wasn’t. I didn’t have the accent down!

  7. Me again –
    Listening still – love the part I’m hearing now about putting Caleb OUT there.
    I’ve had same thoughts about Nate – – – he’s out there. I made the choice. I hope he is ok with it. One day he may not want to be out there. I hope he chooses to be out there as Caleb has. We use precautions too. This is such great information.

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