Setting the Record Straight | Type 1 Diabetes in School

I found this video very powerful.

Thank you Adjoa for sharing it.  Not only does it articulate the facts about type 1 diabetes clearly and succinctly, it addresses a very important issue to children with diabetes – bullying.  Personally, we have yet to experience anything remotely like this, but perhaps that’s because Caleb is younger. I’m doing what I can to educate the people around Caleb in hopes to pre-empt it.  Time will tell if I’m successful.

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  1. we have been very fortunate that all of my son’s classmates have accepted his diabetes without a second thought. they were all very curious and compassionate right from the start. my son has educated anyone who asked him about his diabetes, and his friends just accept it as a part of him. he’s never experienced any sort of bullying (so far, hopefully never!) due to his diabetes. know some other children haven’t been so lucky. it is my hope that if he ever does experience d-bullying, that the friends that he has now will stick up for him. our kids already go through so much, it’s horrible that any child have to suffer further for something that isn’t his/her fault.

  2. Great video! I think by us raising awareness for it now, the bullying won’t be as bad. I know I was bullied when I was in grade school. It wasn’t a good felling at all. That’s partly why I have gotten so into advocating now is so that kids that are growing up with it now maybe won’t have to go through the same thing I did.

  3. This video made me quite sad. I hope that my daughter’s classmates continue to be as supportive as they have over the past year.

  4. Joe, fortunately, hasn’t experienced bullying re: his diabetes yet. I hope it never happens. His classmates have always been extremely supportive of him and are curious. The book I made to educated his peers really helped with a lot of their questions…and curiosities.

    Great video Lorraine…thanks for sharing.

  5. You know my kids haven’t come across this either, however my kids are also not kids you would mess with either. Not saying they are bullies, but they are absolutely known for not taking any shit. (for example, my son was suspended in Kindergarten because he stood up for a 3rd grader who was being bullied…needless to say I embarrased the crap out of the principal and took him for an ice cream!)

    But you know there are SO MANY kids that have SO MANY doubts about themselves as it is and if they are targets, kids will use whatever information they can to hurt a child’s feelings. I will definitely post this video.

    They really need to make one of these for adults or in the work place. All the stupid mis-conceptions…..

  6. OK. I cried. Maybe not so much about the bullying. More with pride for this amazing girl that stated the facts so clearly and honestly. Wonderful video!

  7. Thanks for posting…Lots going on in the news and my kids’ schools re: bullying. Parents can’t be too cautious and aware of all forms of it.

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