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Caleb doing his thing

Hi, my name is Caleb, pernounced: Cay-lub.

I have a sister named Lila, a brother named Colin, a mom named Lorraine and a dad named David.  We are a family of five.  We have two frogs named Greasy Plate and Tushy.

I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am almost 8 and I like the Yankees.  Actually, I love the Yankees. I wear the number 13 when I play baseball because I like A-Rod.

I am tall and kindof smart.  I like school and I like music. Nick Jonas is my favorite rock star.

I like to eat sunflower seeds, beef jerky, pasta and meatballs. I am allergic to peanuts which stinks because I have to sit at the peanut table at school and I want to sit with my friends.

My favorite color is green.

I like to play mancala and chess.

I like reading and my favorite books are 39 Clues and Harry Potter. I’m in 2nd grade and I like it so far. It’s fun and I like my teacher.

The End.


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  1. Had to laugh that he gave the pronunciation. DH is named Caleb. And I get telemarketers asking for Kuh-LEEB and Kuh-LEB. I thought Caleb was a pretty normal name. Apparently not. 🙂

  2. UGH on the peanuts! I did not know that about you.

    Nice frog names…LOL. I’ll have to post a pic of a frog that we found in our garden Caleb. Joe was ecstatic…I was screaming like a freak. This thing was HUGE.

    Love your No D Day POST!!!

  3. Hi Caleb,

    It is really nice to learn more about you. My daughter is in 2nd grade also. I wonder if she would like those books that you mentioned? We might have to try them…thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I would LOVE to hear the story of why the frogs are named what they are. I don’t think those are typical frog names…though I don’t know what names are typical frog names other than the obvious Kermit.

  5. What an awesome post Caleb! My daughter has a peanut allergy too…She is only 1 year old but I hope when she is big like you that she’ll be strong about like you are. Your parents must be so proud of you.

    ps: oh and what great names for frogs!

  6. Hi Caleb,

    My daughter wears 13 on her soccer team, but not because of baseball (she has no idea who A-Rod is), but because she likes things that are different, and thinks it’s funny some people think 13 is unlucky. Thanks for sharing about yourself!

  7. Oh, do I ever love sunflower seeds! I haven’t had them in a while, but every few years, I get on kicks when I eat them constantly. I prefer the kind in the shell because if they’re already shelled, it’s way too easy to eat them by the handful, lol!

    Being a Philly girl though, I can’t get behind the Yankee thing 😉

  8. Seven years old and already a Harry Potter fan! I like it! I also like the frogs’ names……but Lee Ann is right, I can’t get behind the Yankees. (Red Sox fan here. In New York City. Ha!)

    Thanks, Caleb and Lorraine!

  9. I’m not a big fan of the peanut table – I always feel sad for the kids that have to sit there. They should be able to sit with their friends. Although Emma takes a PB&J sandwich EVERY DAY so maybe she should have to sit by herself? Hmmm – – – clearly I do not have the answer. BUT – I do know Caleb is pretty spectacular. Thanks for sharing him with us today!

  10. great post, Caleb!…the peanut table thing makes me sad though : ( i assume that’s for safety reasons though….my kids’ school is a “no peanut” zone…but it is difficult to enforce…

  11. Hi Caleb,
    Thanks for the info its good getting to know you better. Ive showed your videos to my 3 kids. We live in Australia we too are a family of 5. I am a Mummy to a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old girl and my son who is now 1 year old but he like you was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (when he was 8 months old). He got very sick and grouchy and doctors didnt know what was wrong with him. I took him to the hospital emergency and they said – its diabetes. Theres lots to learn but I want you to know Im so encouraged when I see your videos thankyou for helping adults like me cope with my little ones diabetes!! Best wishes xx.

  12. Heyy Caleb 🙂 I’ve been very intrested looking at your videos on youtube, you’re such a brave boy!!i would never be able to do that. xx

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