Bayer, Insulet and Caleb

Should you see a Bayer Diabetes Care pamphlet the next time you visit your endo that looks like this:

Nick's Simple Wins

Open it up and you may find another familiar face:

2009 Contest winners with Nick

Insulet held a conference this week that you can listen to here.  Caleb is mentioned at the end as an example how OmniPod helps improve the way you live with diabetes – in Caleb’s case, by swimming freely.

Caleb in his "backyard".

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  1. That is so awesome! I’m glad that diabetes gives him the opportunity to do great things! I’m on my way to the endo today…I’ll keep a lookout!

  2. Excellent! I doubt we’ll see it up here in Canada (the FRench/English thing) – but I’ll keep my eyes posted – and if I see it – I’ll say – I “know” Caleb and his Mum 🙂

  3. That is soooo cool!! When the time comes for a pump, we’d really love to try the Omnipod for our 4 year old. We live in AZ, and swimming is a huge part of our lives. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hooray!!! way to go Caleb…being a real-life hero!…how exciting…and what help and hope you provide someone when they pick up that pamphlet! : )

  5. OK, I am so outta the loop. I don’t know how I missed this yesterday!!! This is cool Lorraine. Tell Caleb he is a Super Star in The Maher House!!! He is FAMOUS!!!

  6. Go Caleb!!!! I’m absolutely going to keep an eye out for that pamphlet. And I’m hoping to finally get to meet you all next weekend at the walk-a-thon??? I’ll be working as a volunteer and also walking as a, well, as a walker!

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