“It’s Like Heaven” | In Caleb’s words

I asked Caleb to help organize the new month’s supplies.  While doing so, he apparently became inspired to create more DArt.
I had been making dinner and Caleb was humming away as he often does.  I heard him say in his upbeat, happy-go-lucky way,

“Hey mom! Look! It’s an archway to a diabetes free world.”

He thinks another moment and states with equal excitement,

“It’s like heaven.”

Archway to a diabetes free world

17 Replies to ““It’s Like Heaven” | In Caleb’s words”

  1. First off…O’M’GOSH he is soooo cute.

    Kind of makes me happy and sad all at once. I guess what it is… is that the “hope” makes me happy…but kind of sad that he describes it “like heaven”. I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet…lol.

    1. That was about my reaction too Reyna. I just kind of pursed my lips. How matter of fact he was, but what a powerful statement. To be diabetes free is the equivalent of heaven. I was both proud and saddened.

  2. I’m with you and Reyna – it kind of makes me sad. Although in the picture I can see there was no sadness in his creation.

  3. We have to go through this sugar-laced lifestyle to get to that sugar-free promised land where we’re cured… Your son is so incredibly great, in his creativity and preciousness to the insight he has. Thank you for sharing this, Lorraine.

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