#DArtDay | Fun and Games!

So, I accumulated a bunch of supplies, mostly used, and threw them on the dining room table. With only a little brainstorming with Colin and Lila, Caleb came up with the idea of depicting our cabin from DCamp – Rainbow Ridge:

Rainbow Ridge and all its occupants at family DCamp 2010

He included test strips as stairs, batteries as smoke detectors (I guess there were smoke detectors in the cabin, but I don’t remember), a sun, boats off to the right and lancets representing our family, the two other families, the counselors who bunked in the loft and the nurse coming through the open Pod-door for BG checks and insulin.

Colin created a simple test strip homage to camp:

Camps Barton and Joslin Forever!

Lila made what she called a Pod Blob:

Pod Blod complete with adhesive clouds and a surprised, O-mouthed sun.

Then she was inspired to create a game of chance that works as follows (for 2 or more players):

– Select a Pod.

– If the Pod has a test strip stuck to the bottom, you get to keep it and take another turn.  If there’s no strip, play continues to the next player.

– The player with the most Pods at the end of the game, gets the batteries in the middle as a prize.

Pod Game of Chance

Here’s Caleb with a WaveSense winner:

WaveSense Strip - go again!

And Lila with a Freestyle one:

Another winner!

I joined in and made a simple flower:

Pod Flower

In the middle of it all, Caleb rocked the 100!

Diabetes Art Day 100

Colin, Caleb and Lila were amazingly excited about what they could do with these supplies.  It was a fun time. Thanks Lee Ann for the inspiration! Happy Diabetes Art Day to all!!

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  1. If it has to be, at least there can be a little fun making waste into art, right?

    Good to see all of your children join in.

  2. ohhh….such sweet kids! all their creations are sweet too! good job everybody…even you, Lo! I’m so glad you got to go to D camp this summer : ) those memories will last a lifetime… it is top priority for us next year!

  3. YOUR KIDS ROCK. I am feeling a little bad about mine after seeing this LOL. Love the game that they came up with. And of course LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the “Caleb rockin’ the 100”! Oh and of course your flower is beautiful !

  4. Fantastic art all you guys! What a great use of the Pod! LOVE the flower – that’s ‘hang in the hall as art’ worthy!

  5. I had so much fun just looking at the pictures! You all must have had a blast making the projects! Awesome! And BTW my boys would love to play the Pod Blod!

  6. Oh these are all so great! My fave bits were the pod boats at camp and the flower and the pod game, aw man, I just loved it all really! And the 100 was the icing on the cake! So to speak! 😉

  7. I LOVE your art! Of course, I am super jealous about the awesome camping experience! I REALLY LOVE the game! I could use those pods for so many things in my classroom! You’ve got me thinking… to bad we have an Animas Ping! If I’d seen this a year ago we may have reconsidered! 🙂

  8. I LOVE all of it! The games, the art, the rocking 100… I love that you were so creative with the whole day.

  9. Wow!!! I love that Caleb and Colin enjoyed camp so much that it inspired their artwork. And Lilla’s game looks like so much fun. Last but not least, your flower is so creative and pretty. I want to come make art with all of you!! 🙂

  10. Oh, I only saw the assemblage of the cabin on TuD, so finding all these other creations is a wonderful surprise as I meticulously go through the #DArtDay tweets to hopefully catch a lot of the posts I’ve missed thus far. They really went to town with the pods and test strips, didn’t they? It’s one thing to ask one kid to be creative, but when you have several kids, the creatively, then the ideas, then the projects multiply exponentially, which I love. Pod Blob just cracks me up, and I’m glad you even got in on teh action and made your gorgeous flower. As I mentioned on TuD, since a piece of my heart will forever be at diabetes camp, the camp theme the boys went with makes me smile.

    Lorraine, thank you so much for making Diabetes Art Day a family activity, and for posting all the wonderful pictures! You know, if I could get a bunch of kids to flash 100’s on their meters while making art, I’m pretty sure that would scientifically prove that art-making is good for diabetic kids, and we could get art programs established in all the diabetes clinics, LOL!

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