#DFeast Photomontage 2 | Fruit Kebobs

The DFeast list continues to grow and I cannot keep up with all the recipes I want to try!  I did manage to squeeze in a few since last time. Here they are in order of preparation:

Kale chips (no picture, sorry)

I clearly did something wrong because Jaimie, Kay, Scott and of course Reyna rave about these things.  They did not appeal to the crew here, not even Colin.  I’m going to try it again though because I think it’s all user error.


I couldn’t leave a nice low carb recipe alone, I added thinly sliced potatoes.  Colin and I loved it. The rest tolerated it.

In the pan starting to cook.
Prepared and ready to serve.

Orange Chicken

Loved it! Bennet is the man. I have to dial down the spice for the kids a little, but otherwise it was great and easy. The sauce is the boss.

Poaching in OJ

On the platter.

Served with salad and rice.

Caesar Steak

Loved it! Bennet is the man. Yes this is exactly what you just read above.  And again, the sauce is most definitely the boss!

We made it for Lila’s birthday party and I didn’t get a picture until after we starting serving!  It received rave reviews.

Almost gone - HUGE hit!

Speaking of Lila’s birthday…

Happy birthday Lila! (Click on the picture for party insanity)

She had a couple of specific menu requests for her birthday.  One was quesadillas. They vanished in an instant they were so yummy.  Another was fruit kebobs which Grandma Grace was gracious enough to prepare.  These were so beautiful and fun and of course D-licious!  The picture is an adequate recipe, right?

Fruit kebobs by specific request from Lila
Notice the pin on her shirt right above her name?

Thanks for keeping the DFeast going!  I so look forward to Fridays now – more than usual!

12 Replies to “#DFeast Photomontage 2 | Fruit Kebobs”

  1. You are making me hungry. 😉 Mmmmmm, which if these do I want to try first? I’m thinking a frittata over the weekend, and orange chicken for dinner one night next week. I am so thrilled that D-Feast continues to carry on and grow. I need to come up with another recipe to post – maybe next Friday . . .

  2. I just picked-up more Kale from the farm yesterday Lorraine and thought of you – LOL.

    The fritata and the orange chicken look spectacular – YUMMY!!! I cannot wait to try these. We have been soaking up the abundance of sunshine here in VT and I haven’t been cooking too much these days. Once we have some less than optimal weather I will be in my kitchen experimenting.

    Happy Birthday to Lila!!!

  3. Okay, now I am hungry! I’m thinking I’m gonna have to start posting some recipes for this D-Feast Friday’s!
    I am making the white chili you had posted a week or so ago. SO looking forward to eating that tonight!

    1. Oh yes. Frittata is a keeper. I will just make it as an extra instead of a main course next time. We can’t please all the people all the time!

  4. I seriously want to invite myself over to your house for dinner! 😉 Kudos to everyone who contributed all these tasty recipes and to you for taking the time to try them and share your thoughts.

  5. O. M. Gsh.



    And that cake!!!! WOWZA….can I get a GF one please….

    Girl, YOU have talent!

  6. Great recipes, Lorraine! I have been having the hardest time downloading your blog and suspect it’s our computer. However, this morning all went well so I am catching up and making foodie notes whilst wiping the drool off the keyboard.

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