Jamie Oliver Mentions Colin | Food Revolution Update

People on Jamie Oliver’s team heard about Colin and his mini Food Revolution.  What a thrill to hear Jamie kick off his most recent newsletter message with a shout out to Colin!  If you haven’t seen it, Colin’s picture is embedded smack dab in the middle of the newsletter (okay, well, more toward the bottom).

Thank you Jamie Oliver.  You made “this little ten year old” so very proud!

And heartfelt thanks to all who came by to read Colin’s story and leave comments.  Your encouragement and support mean a great deal not only to Colin, but also to me, his mom.

Here’s Jamie’s shout out:

Part of Jamie’s appeal is his sincere passion for making a difference.  If there’s anyone out there who doubts that he’s the real deal, I share one of the messages I received directly from him:

Jamie, you sir are a top man.  Thank you for all that you are doing.  To say that you are an inspiration hardly captures the impact you have had on my family.

The focus of this blog is my other son, Caleb and his life with type 1 diabetes.  I started this Food Revolution series saying it had little to do with diabetes.  But the reality is that making healthy food choices, although important for all people, really makes a difference in managing blood sugars.  Jamie’s message not only helps me as a parent that wants to encourage good eating habits for all my children, but also as the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes who, at times, can feel guilty that perhaps I let diabetes influence my decisions.  With Jamie’s encouragement, I know that the decisions I make for my children are what I would have made, or at least should have made, even if I wasn’t a parent of a KWD.  I bet that’s a bi-product that Jamie hadn’t planned.

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14 Replies to “Jamie Oliver Mentions Colin | Food Revolution Update”

  1. This is just marvelous! You should be so proud of Colin and his hard work, and of Caleb too. Such good stuff this is Lorriane!

  2. oh boy! Colin should be sittin’ on top of the world right now!!…you should too, Lo! this is just awesome! and very inspiring : )

  3. So yes, I had to watch the video again. And yes, I got all teary eyed the second time too!!! Colin is such a wonderful example and I’m so glad that Jamie took the time to acknowledge the great work he is (and you are too) doing.

    And that Tweet. Oh. My. Goodness. I tweet like that from Jamie Oliver would totally make me swoon!!!

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