Talking with Dr. Francine Kaufman about STAR 3

You may have heard the announcement of the results of the STAR 3 study last week. Amy of Diabetes Mine had a hot-off-the-press post about it here.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Francine Kaufman of Medtronic about this study on behalf of TuDiabetes.  Please visit me there to read what she had to say.

To me this study validates what many of us already believe – that the use of sensor-augmented pump therapy leads to improved blood glucose control.  I hope the claim that this will become the standard of care is realized and the troubles that people continue to have getting insurance coverage for these devices becomes a thing of the past.

I also hope that this momentum will continue to bring us within real reach of that artifical pancreas so many parents (me included) are hoping for our kids before they head off to college.  Should it come sooner, even better!

2 Replies to “Talking with Dr. Francine Kaufman about STAR 3”

  1. great job Lorraine! we love Dr. Kaufman!! in fact, C got to see her for visits when our reg. endo was out on maternity leave!

  2. Gosh Lorraine…I too hope, hope, hope, really hope that the “Artificial Pancreas” is ready to roll by the time our kids go to college. That is the ONLY way I am letting Joe go without me – lol.

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