Colin’s Food Revolution | Part 2: Pass It On

Colin tells his guests why Jamie's Food Revolution is important to him

When Colin originally decided to have a Food Revolution theme to his birthday party, the plan was little more than to serve all healthy, made from scratch foods.  Soon after, the Flash Mob idea started to take shape.  Then I got Jamie’s Food Revolution cookbook.  It’s more than just a collection of recipes.  Jamie gives his readers a challenge.  Here’s an excerpt from the book:

This pass it on movement is essentially a modern-day version of the way people used to pass recipes down through generations when they weren’t all at work. That dynamic is the best learning ground ever.  As simple as it seems, pass it on could well be the most radical food movement in recent years, and you could be part of it.  I wouldn’t be asking for your help unless I thought it was absolutely necessary.

In his book Jamie asks the reader to do two things: (1) learn a recipe from each chapter, and (2) personally teach these recipes to others.

So I asked Colin if he was up to learning at least one recipe to teach everyone at his party. He took Jamie’s book to bed with him for his nightly reading.  He was more than up to it.

He chose a recipe: Jamie’s sizzling beef with scallions and black bean sauce. I bought the ingredients and we did a trial run.

Colin does a trial run of preparing Jamie's Sizzling Beef with Scallions and Black Bean Sauce recipe


So the menu for Colin’s party was planned: sizzling beef stir fry, a huge salad bar, and for dessert, fresh fruit.

After suprising and entertaining Colin’s guests with a rendition of Jamie’s Flash Mob, Colin invited them into the kitchen to watch him prepare the stir fry.

He passed it on.

He showed them step by step what to do and shared copies of the recipe with everyone.

Dinner was a wonderful success.  In addition to the two servings that Colin made in front of his guests, we had two trays of sizzling beef and a glorious, colorful salad bar (pictures below).

It was Colin’s tenth birthday, so although flanked by lots of fresh fruit, we did include a cake in the celebration.

Colin's Food Revolution birthday cake made by Mom

We’re committed to keeping the pledge.  Lila helped me make Jamie’s meatballs and sauce (pictured below). Colin has remained in the kitchen with me, enthusiastically helping prepare whatever is on the menu, but particularly partial to chopping salads. We will continue to pick at least one recipe from each chapter to learn.  There are so many good ones, the only hard part is deciding which to make. Caleb’s part thus far has been limited to eating what the rest of us make.

If you’ve watched Colin’s video then you have become part of the Food Revolution.  You’ve seen a ten year old do it.  Why not print the recipe yourself and make it one night this week?  I bet you will love it.  Then pass it on to someone you know.  Give them the recipe and show them how to make it.  Or at least pass on Colin’s demo.  Keep it going. Cooking fresh meals from scratch really can be easy.  Help up spread the word.

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Visit Jamie’s website for more about his Ministry of Food Campaign, read about how you can pass it on, watch Jamie prepare his sizzling beef stir fry recipe, and print your own copy here.

Up next, Colin meets with school personnel to discuss the current state of the menu.

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14 Replies to “Colin’s Food Revolution | Part 2: Pass It On”

  1. This is just fabulous!!! So proud of Colin and you, Lorraine, for encouraging and supporting it. I would be honored to take part and learn a recipe and share it. The food you guys made looks amazing!
    Have you sent this to Jamie???? He would love it!

  2. Wow, all that food looks GOOD!!! What an inspiring little boy. Now I feel like, if a ten year old boy can heat healthy, why can’t I??

    And that cake is awesome!

  3. I loved the video! Colin looked like such a little man! He’s definitely on a mission and it’s nice to see! 🙂

  4. That was just fantastic!!! What a great way to get kids involved in cooking and interested in nutrition! I have J.O.’s Food Revolution cookbook as well. Love it! Have you tried the meatloaf recipe yet? I’m not one for meatloaf but this is just so darn good and my girls loved it too! Great job Lorraine and Colin!!!

  5. I’m a diabetic with type 2, blogging about diabetes also. I’m exercising everyday to do the best of the situation.

  6. that is so cool. it’s really wonderful to see children making healthy decisions about their food and wanting to share their learning with others. ulitmately that could have as big an impact on our country’s health as anything that’s coming out of pharma labs (note to pharma labs: this is not a request for you to halt activity. especially the ones looking for cures). happy birthday Colin!

  7. Wow, Colin did such a great job teaching his guests (and the rest of us) how to cook that delicious meal!!! What a wonderful idea for his party and a great inspiration for all of us!!! I really hope Jamie Oliver reads your post and watches Colin’s video too (babe). 😉

  8. What a GREAT party idea! I love it! And I admire how involved Colin is! Happy belated birthday, Colin!

    The sizzling beef stir fry sounds amazing. I’ll have to get that recipe and try it soon!

  9. I’m hungry just from reading this! You may have just convinced me to go buy the book! What an awesome idea…and beautiful kids 🙂

  10. I love that Colin is not only learning, but also passing it on! It’s awesome that your whole family is involved in spreading the important message of the Food Revolution.

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