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Chris Stocker is having guest bloggers on The Life of a Diabetic this week.  He asked me if I would be interested in writing about parenting a child with diabetes. Sure! Why not? Thanks for considering me, Chris!

I enjoy Chris’ blog because it is honest and straightforward.  He gets to the heart of the issue quickly and directly.  If you don’t already follow Chris, check him out.  I think you’ll like his candor.

There is a specific complexity to raising a child with diabetes for a parent that does not have diabetes him or herself.  Even though much of Caleb’s life is different than mine when I grew up, with the exception of diabetes, I have my own experiences to draw upon to help me care for and guide him.  Because I don’t have any former knowledge of diabetes, there is a large element of Caleb’s future that is foreign to me.  Parenting is chockful of worries.  The uncertainty of what D holds for your child adds to that worry heavily.

So with that introduction, I ask that you visit me over at The Life of a Diabetic to read my thoughts about connecting with adults who live with diabetes.  I’m happy to have the opportunity to express my thanks to all those who help me, on the blog of one of those very people.

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  1. Great post Lorraine! I understand. It’s so hard to be so intimately involved in the care of another person and still not have experience as THE person living with the D. Complex and layered. You do it so well and provide such support to the DOC community – you are a treasure, and oh yeah, you are a great Mom!

  2. Lorraine, I think I’ve said this to you before (or at least I’ve thought it!!) and my hat totally goes off to you and other parents/caregivers of T1 kids. It’s obvious as heck how much you love your kids, but loving your kids and successfully managing their diabetes isn’t quite one and the same, is it? Yet you seem to take it in your stride. From the outside, I like that Caleb’s life seems so “normal”. To me, that defines success. Yep, he has a less-than-perfect pancreas, but he’s still growing up as a regular kid. If the genetic lottery struck my kid, I know that I’d be shoulder tapping you for advice because it’d be in another league altogether.

  3. I didn’t know where to post, so I posted on the other site… Thanks for the piece. It was really nice to read and I enjoy your perspective as a parent too 🙂

  4. I, too, posted on both… Thanks so much for sharing, Lorraine. Great writing and such a valuable perspective. Obviously, Caleb is not only a great guy but he’s in great hands and has a great future in store thanks to your love and support! (Now, we all just have to make sure he doesn’t grow up to be like US…. Now that would be a dangerous thing!). Thanks again! Always a pleasure to read your words.

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