Your biggest supporter. In Caleb’s words.

There were lots of great suggestions to treat lows yesterday. I’m glad to have some new ideas. Thank you everyone!

Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week.

Your biggest supporter. Today it’s time to gush and brag about your biggest supporter.

Caleb gets lots of support from many.  Nurse Ronnie, his school nurse, is a true contender for being his biggest supporter.  Any of his family members would be viable options.  He thinks differently.

Nick Jonas talks about his fight against juvenile diabetes at the National Press Club in Washington on August 24, 2009.

In terms of diabetes, who is your biggest supporter? Without hesitation, Caleb responds:
Nick Jonas.

I like him because he likes music and I like music.  He has diabetes so I feel like I can perform like him when I grow up because I think I want to be a musician.

Caleb’s brother, Colin, who is wise beyond his ten years, asks:
What about Mom?

Caleb responds:
Oh yeah because she will always drive her car into school and save me when I need it like she’s Super Pod Woman.

I love you mom.

Caleb imitating Mom as "Super Pod Woman" driving to school to "save" him.

Day 1 – A day in the life of…diabetes.

Day 2 – Making the low go.

Tomorrow’s topic – To carb or not to carb.

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  1. There is no way any of us are going to get past “Super Pod Woman” that was AWESOME! Nick is cool to 😉

  2. I am virtually pinching his cheeks right now, he is so flippin cute! (Sorry Caleb, but it is what it is! You are awesome!)

  3. I love that Caleb is growing up with diabetes in an age where technology has made leaps and bounds and with a celebrity to look up to that is actually worthy of such respect. And you ARE a Super Pod Woman. Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love that your younger one asked that question..that is adorable!
    Go super pod woman go!

  5. Not only are you Super Pod Woman, you are Super Mom! Caleb is so lucky to have you. =) PS – I love the Yankees uniform and UConn hat picture in the previous post!!!

  6. Ah, I had a sneaking suspicion he was going to pick Nick Jonas. I really hope somebody sent this post to Nick! And I’m glad you did get a mention also. 🙂

  7. Superpod woman to the rescue. I think Caleb needs to design you a costume!! I LOVE Mrs. Moriarity – Abby was sick on school nurse day so I’m gla I gave them their presents early! I hope Nick Jonas knows how many lives he affects in such a positive way!

  8. Super POD mom…be proud! Caleb is a very brave and a strong little man! You and Caleb are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your blogs!

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