A day in the life…with diabetes.

Just another day with diabetes.

Thanks to my fellow North-Easterner, Karen, for coming up with the idea of Diabetes Blog Week. I’m excited to be undertaking this week of blog posts with so many who have become my friends over the past year or so.  I’m guessing my RSS reader will explode.  Assuming yours will too, I’m keeping my posts short and sweet.

There’s something extra special about this week’s posts – they will be Caleb’s. This is Caleb… will actually be coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

So here we go.

Day 1 – A day in the life…with diabetes.

How would you describe your days in terms of diabetes?
It’s kindof whacko when you think about it, but I feel normal about it.  When I wake up, I just feel like it’s any other day.  It doesn’t bother me to check my sugar or do the other things I have to do.

It can sometimes make me busy. I check my blood sugar all the time and I sometimes have to take a break from what I’m doing.  Sometimes I feel low and I feel crummy.

How much of your day do you spend thinking about diabetes?
Not much.

What about school?
It’s really busy at school because I have to do a lot of school work and I have keep a routine about my diabetes, like checking with the nurse at 9:30, at lunch-time and before I go home, plus anytime I feel low.

Pod changes?
Changing my Pod can be stressful because it hurts sometimes, but I’m pretty used to it so lots of times it doesn’t hurt too much at all.

Why do I have to talk about eating?  Everyone eats.  I have to bolus myself for whatever carbs I eat and Mom writes them down in a journal for school, but I can still eat whatever I want.

I chose the above picture for this post because of the story it tells.  I took it to commemorate Caleb’s first day of baseball.  Upon closer examination, I noticed several reminders of diabetes.  The tiger striped medical ID bracelet, the SPIbelt that holds his DexCom receiver, the open cabinet with his diabetes supplies peeking out, and even the stack of newspapers with the recent article of Caleb and his diabetes.  Just another day.

Day 2’s topic will be: “Making the low go”. See you tomorrow!

31 Replies to “A day in the life…with diabetes.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your day, Caleb! Great synopsis of what you go through each day. You’re very right that it’s routine, but at the same time not. Look forward to reading your stuff tomorrow!

  2. I love the picture of Caleb and how D is in the background although I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. 🙂

    Also, I love that this weeks posts will be from Caleb. He totally rocks!

  3. Thanks to Caleb for participating. It is so great to hear about this from a kids perspective! Adorable photo too btw..

  4. This is great. I love hearing from Caleb! And I’m with you dude, “Do we have to talk about eating?!?”

    My reason is because I can’t stop! LOL

  5. busy indeed!! great job, Caleb! the only thing i would change…your uniform…to the ANGELS!!!

  6. What an awesome idea to have Caleb “write” all of the posts this week!!! I loved his answers today – especially when he wanted to know why he has to talk about eating. You hear that, Diabetes Police, everyone eats!!

  7. Caleb, I enjoyed reading your post. Michael would like to meet you one of these days and give you a high five, T1 athlete to T1 athlete. Keep up the good work. We want your family o come out to California one day : )

  8. I love that Caleb gave his take on it. Seems like a GREAT kid! I laughed out loud when he said “Why do I have to talk about eating?” I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts this week!!

  9. YOU know…I think ducking fiabetes bothers us WAY more than it bothers our little guys. Joe just runs around at full throttle and it doesn’t slow him down a bit. I am so grateful that they (Joe’s, Caleb’s, all our kids) are well adjusted!

    Love Ya!!! AWESOME Format btw!!!

  10. Yes…the comment on food was great. My son hates when people ask him “are you sure you are allowed to have that”.

  11. What a great picture! I love it!

    Caleb – you are one handsome dude! I admire your attitude about dealing with diabetes and keeping up with everything at school too. Good job buddy!

  12. LOVED your post, Lo and Caleb. The “Everyone eats” comment stuck with me even until this morning. It made me laugh when I was getting ready for work.
    Also, GREAT uniform. GO YANKEES!!!! 🙂

  13. “everyone eats” – yes, yes they do. shouldn’t be so complicated!

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