Pumpiversary, Podiversary

First day of Pumping with OmniPod
April 24th, 2007, 1st day of pumping - OmniPod

Three years ago, on April 24, 2007, shortly after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Caleb started pumping insulin.  I remember this date as much as I remember his birthday.  There were lots of smiles and celebration.  It was a huge relief.  It meant more freedom to eat, drink and be merry.  It meant less shots and less pain.  It meant me not having to put on a performance pretending that three 50 carb meals and three 20 carb snacks, precisely timed, included exactly what Caleb wanted to satisfy his appetite every day.

Since then, Caleb has used more than 450 Pods, has pumped more than 15,000 units of insulin and consumed more than 220,000 carbohydrates.

He’s also eaten pizza, devoured cupcakes, dined on Chinese food, eaten off-schedule, partaken in indulgent Thanksgiving feasts, and enjoyed goodies from his trick-or-treat bag.  Don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot of healthy eating in between that would make Jamie Oliver proud, but those of you who understand diabetes appreciate how difficult eating pizza and carb-filled cupcakes can be.  Pumping makes it easier for Caleb, if not just simply possible.

As demanding as managing type 1 diabetes is, I think often of what it was.  I am thankful that Caleb has a pump available to him to make it less limiting than just 10 or 20 years ago.

Caleb pumps with the OmniPodThat choice was an easy one for us. Since the day he started pumping, at just 4 years old, he was able to deliver his own bolus’.  He, himself has delivered each dose of insulin while at school, including preschool.  From the beginning, he has helped change his Pod and just recently, at the age of seven, he has started doing Pod changes completely by himself.

Inside Cover

In appreciation of allowing a photo of Caleb to be included in their 2009 annual report, Insulet has made a donation of $500 in Caleb’s name to the Faustman Labs at Massachussettes General Hospital.  Dr. Denise Faustman and her team are doing such important work to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and I’m thrilled that Insulet has supported them.

Caleb also received an autographed poster of Kris Freeman with the inscription, “Dream big, Caleb!”  As you can see, he was over the moon about it.

Caleb with Kris Freeman poster

Caleb wrote thank you notes to both Kris and Insulet.  Here is his note to Kris, spelling, punctuation and all:

Dear Kris Freeman,

I think you should be proud because I am a kid that looks up to you.  Thank you for the poster.  I was really excited when I saw you on it.

You are my inspiration because when I see you, I feel like I’m not the only one with diabetes.

I would always want an American to win a race, but I would escpecially want you to win! Good luck!

extra love From the big dreamer…


Caleb with thank yous to Kris Freeman & Insulet

Thank you to all the pump manufacturers for making devices that make life with diabetes a little better for so many.  Please keep working to make improvements.  As great as pumps are, they are but crude replacements for a functioning human pancreas, and people who live with this every day deserve better.

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  1. Happy Podiversary and Pumpiversary to you and to Caleb! He is looking great and doing such wonderful things. He has come so far. You are a great resource in this D-Mom community and throughout the DOC, I am thankful that you blog about life and D and share your knowledge. Thank you also for blogging about the OmniPod and Caleb, it helps us a lot as we just started our Pod journey.

    It’s a great picture of Caleb swimming with his Pod. It shows the great type of kid he is and it shows what a great mom you are too!

  2. Have to tell you that posts like this one are encouraging to me. Although I look forward to the day we get out endo’s “ok” to start pumping, I am so nervous and think sometimes that I’d rather give shots forever because it’s a whole new world of “new” and learning when pumps come into play. Sometimes my brain just gets tired, you know.

    So happy it’s been a good experience for you. Jason, my hubby, has been an omnipod fan from the beginning and has done his fair share of research on the pod vs. the pump. One day, I’m sure I’ll be hititng you up with questions and be more “conversational” on twitter for help.

    Happy Podiversary! 🙂

  3. Typing through tears of admiration for you and Caleb. I know how hard you work at managing his diabetes. His spirit shines through it all, and I am proud of both of you. Diaversarys are certainly worth celebrating : ) Michael says he’s proud too. He wishes you guys were here so he and Caleb could hang out : ) He wants him to come to soccer camp. XOXOX

  4. Happy podiversary to you and Caleb both! I understand too well how liberating pumping is in general, and especially pumping with the OmniPod is- and it is DEFINITELY cause for celebration.
    Thank you for doing what you do here, and sharing Caleb’s story with us. The first time I watched a video of Caleb was the first time I saw a kid wearing a pump that didn’t require a pump pack and tubes, and that was when I knew we could pump, if it was like that. Liam still asks to watch videos of Caleb all the time.
    You are awesome, and you and Caleb make a great team!
    Celebrate big today!

  5. I could just say ditto to exactly what Penny said. Seriously, I am so glad that we ‘met’ and that you blog about Caleb and the OmniPod. You are always so positive, helpful and informative. Happy Podiversary, Caleb! My son, Nate can’t wait to to meet you!!

  6. Happy pumpiversary!!!! Caleb is such a wonderful kid and you are an amazing person!

    I agree with you. Pumps do allow our kids more freedom and for that I’m very thankful! 🙂

  7. Great post, Lorraine! It’s wonderful to hear about Caleb’s podiversary, and how much it’s meant to his life and your family. Things are much different from how they used to be, and thankfully they keep changing for the better as these devices are improved and new ones are created. I look forward to the hope that someday, Caleb won’t have to wear a pump or pod. But in the meantime, I’m glad he has that opportunity and you do so much to help your son. You should all be as proud as Kris Freeman, every single day.

  8. Hi!

    I just had to post a quick comment because I follow your blog, too! I love it. You are such a good mom!

    It’s really interesting though….my son, Matthew, has said since diagnosis that he is not at all interested in a pump.

    Just this morning, I was on the children with diabetes website. Matthew looked over my shoulder and saw an ad for the Omnipad. We poked around their site a little and he is so interested!

    I do have one question. I’ve read several books on diabetes, but none specifically about the pump. Is there a particular book you’ve like that focuses on the pump.

    Thanks and good job to Caleb!

  9. Such a great post…love all the recaps of time gone by 🙂

    Congrats!!!!! The pump truly revolutionized this journey for us too 🙂

  10. Happy Pumpiversary and Podiversary!!! This was a wonderful post and I am so happy that you share your families story with all of us. Someday I hope to get both of my daughters on a pump and I tell you, that Omnipod sounds amazing 🙂

    Congratulations Caleb!

  11. Thank goodness for insulin pumps!! And I know I say something like this in every comment I leave – but I’ll say it again. Caleb is MY inspiration!

  12. i nominate you Lo, for parent diabetes advocate of the year!!! your hard work is paying off BIG TIME! these anniversaries are such great reasons to celebrate. it helps our kids (and us!) to stay positive and strong. you are raising Caleb to do great things in his life! oh my gosh…i’m getting choked up, seriously! i too am soooo thankful for the advances that have been made.

    the number that got me was the 15,000 unit of insulin already…wow!

    great job Lorraine! tell Caleb he has friends and fans in SoCal : )

  13. I too…LOVE.LOVE.LOVE…our pump. Don’t know what we would do without it…and now LOVING Dexter too. I think we just got approved by BCBS for Dexter…so my boyfriend gets to move in!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I am fascinated by Denise Faustman’s work and am glad that the donation was made in Caleb’s honor.

    Keep up your amazing work friend.


  14. Very inspiring! Congrats!

    We’re still waiting for our doc to give the go ahead for OmniPod. He’s fairly anti-OmiPod for some reason.

    It’s been fairly frustrating to make sure that my daughters daycare gives her the right amount of carbs and checking her glucose on a regular basis and making sure our schedule fits around her needs for meal times, glucuse checking, and insulin shots.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this with me tonight, Lorraine! Caleb is such an inspiration…can’t wait until October 5, 2011, the day I share Dani’s podiversary with you 🙂

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