“This is Caleb…” – the origin #dblogday

A little over a year after Caleb was diagnosed, when the fog had cleared, we had experienced all our “firsts” and things were more or less chugging along, my attentions shifted.  The present was under control, now what about the future?

I made my first video.  The intent was to bring attention to work being done to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.  It turned into so much more than that.  It entered me into a world I hadn’t realized existed, or at least one that I could be so much a part of.

Caleb, his face, his story, his personality, have all stretched across the world and brought me, and him, within reach of a support system that we would not otherwise have. I am so grateful for this unexpected byproduct.

This is my first work.  When I made it, I could not watch it without crying.  No matter how many times I watched it, I would choke up.  Now when I watch it, there are two things that I note: (1) how much more effective my message could have been had I made it more succinctly (yes, it’s long – sorry), and (2) how my perspective has changed.  The story is still true.  The spirit of the message still resounds.  But now I know the Caleb who has been living with diabetes for almost three years.  He has adapted.  He has flourished.  He has shown me what perseverance is.  Diabetes does not define Caleb. He just happens to be living with it.  I can watch the video now without tears because I know that Caleb.

So, as this and other videos I have made begin, This is Caleb…

At least a part of him.

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  1. okay…you don’t need to cry anymore…we’ll take over! oh, it makes my heart sink to see him so young. you do such awesome things in this fight, Lorraine! keep it goin’! i’m cheering you on…

  2. Hi,

    I came across your website while surfing and felt as if I was reading about my own life. My daughter Adele was diagnosed at 2.5 yrs and she’s currently 9.5. She’s been pumping for over 5 yrs now and we’ve also started on the CGM last spring. I had yet to find another child close to her age on the CGM. It is very comforting to hear that you’re also going through the same issues as us.

    Mike LeBlanc

  3. Lorraine, your video just brought me to tears. So many heartbreaking images– but at the same time, so much strength, joy and love.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    – Sandra

  4. I came across your video collection while doing some research on pumps. My daughter was diagnosed in Sept 09, she is 11 and is my hero, the way she tolerates all of the poking and dealings with what she can and can not eat. She never complains and it kills me to see her not be able to be free like she was before D-Day. I am leaning towards the Omnipod and your video collection makes it easy for my family to see what its about and aid in our decision. This first video you did seems to be our life also. It hit everything we went through and are still feeling. I sent this to all of my friends and family because this is truly what we live. Thank you so much for this and keep them coming.

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