We walked.

Caleb at the JDRF walk - 10/18/09
Caleb at the JDRF walk - 10/18/09

We walked to raise diabetes awareness and funds for a cure.  We were overwhelmed by the generous response from our friends and family.  We set out with a total goal of $1,000, hoping for perhaps $500 of contributions that we would match.  You met that challenge and more than doubled it.  Thank you so much for all your support!

I’ve seen so many pictures of walk teams with blue skies, colorful t-shirts and well, sun and warmth.  Our pictures are a little different.  But that’s okay.  We walked in honor of Caleb and all PWD because we want better for them.

I’m so proud of my family.  It was pouring on us, forty degrees, strong winds whipping our faces and our path was riddled with puddles.  Lila was “bubble girl”, essentially wrapped in plastic.  Not a single complaint from anyone.  Caleb, Colin and David were the last walkers there – still trudging through the mud and puddles while others were packing their vehicles or were long gone.

At the walkThen we returned to our vehicle, took off our soaking layers and headed home, stopping for a well deserved treat of Dunkin’ Donuts on the way (I’m happy to report BG has been hovering between 80 and 100, with a nice flat arrow).

I knew we would create a memory today.  I had pictured it differently, but it’s a great memory nonetheless!

Anyone interested in making a donation to the JDRF can do so here. Or just click to see and hear the goal thermometer explode!!


6 Replies to “We walked.”

  1. Sorry the weather was bad for your big day, but you guys made it through- like always!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. dear lorraine i am so excited that you , colin, caleb, lila and dave did that walk! i thought that was really nice! even though it was in the pouring rain. maybe we can walk with you next time.! we hope to see you soon!!!!!
    from hana

    1. I love you guys! Thanks so much Hana! You are such a sweetie! Say hi to everyone for me :). I hope to see you guys soon too.

  3. That’s awesome Lorraine! I cried when I read this. Caleb is blessed with a wonderful mommy!

  4. A huge round of applause to you and your family!!! My husband and I had planned to walk, but with the rain and those heavy winds we decided not to do it. You were so brave to get out there and walk in that bad weather!! I admire you all!

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