I pumped. Once.

Lorraine, Caleb's mom, with inserted OmniPod, pumping saline.
Lorraine, Caleb's mom, with inserted OmniPod, pumping saline.

That’s me.  No, that’s not a demo Pod. That’s the real thing.

No, I do not have diabetes.

When Caleb started pumping, so did I.  I wanted to know exactly what the “virtually pain-free” insertion felt like.  I had heard it compared to a finger stick. Caleb was going to endure this for the foreseeable future.  I had been able to directly feel a finger stick, so too did I want to feel a Pod insertion.

So, shortly after Caleb’s first “click”, to which he reacted with a surprising, “Yow!”, I heard my “click”.  The trainer had filled a Pod with saline and we repeated what we had just done with Caleb.

It was no finger stick.  I had my own, “Yow!” although I kept it to myself.  It was surprising because of what I had read about the pain of insertion from the Insulet site as well as from other OmniPod users.  I have never used a traditional infusion set, so I cannot directly compare, but I have heard from those who have used both and they seem to agree that the OmniPod is less painful.  With perspective, it may indeed be more like a finger stick, but it was a definite pinch.

I recently asked Caleb to talk about what the insertion feels like.  Here is a video of his response (the “Yows” are now few and far between):

I wore the saline-infusing Pod as Caleb wore his insulin-infusing Pod.  No bolus’ for me of course.  But I slept with it, showered with it and went about my life with it.  It was not in the way.  I did forget about.  It did not seem obvious under the clothes I wore.

Then, I took it off.  I ripped it right off.  It didn’t hurt.  I took it off and threw it away. That was it.  Done.  Over.

Caleb, of course, has been attached to a Pod 24/7 for the last eight hundred and twenty-five days.  Me, only three.  I pumped.  Once.

When Caleb started pumping, so did I.

I finished.  Caleb has not.

I wish it were the other way around.

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  1. Awesome! You are such a great mom/d-mom! Caleb is blessed. Lol, the insertion is more like a pinch hahaha. Some people say the pod is too heavy but feels fine to me. Did it feel heavy to you?

    1. No, I didn’t notice that. Caleb’s never complained about that. But that’s a good point. The demo Pod won’t give you that feeling. I think it’s empty, isn’t it?

  2. What a great video! You guys are trying to convince me to switch from MiniMed, aren’t you?! 😉

    I think I spotted a Jonas Brothers shirts, didn’t I?

    1. Yep. It’s the pic of Caleb and his brother when we met them last August. Thanks for the comment Sara.

  3. How great that you wore a pump too so you’d better understand how it feels for Caleb. I loved his video too – he’s very smart and very brave. I agree, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t, but either way you just get used to it.

    By the way, I don’t live all that far from you! Have you been in Danbury long? We used to go to the Danbury Fair every year when I was younger. But now it’s a mall. I love malls too, but I miss the fair!!

  4. Am I the only one who is envious of the flat stomach after 3 kids? It was hard for me to get past that to even read the post! 🙂
    Very cool that you did this to see what it was like. I wonder how many other moms have done the same thing?

  5. awesome post! gives me more confidence for our switch in September from the PING to Omnipod! When we first went to the PING, I wore the pump for 2 days with Saline to “feel” what Lane will go through. It was not the most enjoyable time but was dealt with. I have hope that this will be the same if not a little easier. Thanks for the video, having Lane watch it so she can see she is not alone =)

    1. I tend to be a, “just suck it up”, kind of person. So I was glad I did it and didn’t rely on all that I read and thus be inclined to dismiss Caleb’s reaction. Sometimes it hurts him – we just hit a funny spot, but lots of times he says, “that didn’t hurt”. I think that he is just used to it though. I’m sure it doesn’t tickle. I think his reaction means more, “oh good, that wasn’t a bad one.”

  6. Thank you for the post! And thanks for making my eyes “water”as I watch swim lessons. My girl has her sample pod on right now as she swims. I will definitely ask the trainer to put one on me too. Researching the pumps in the last few weeks has made me sad about her diabetes again, mostly because there is nothing that I can do to take it away. But I really appreciate the support I am receiving from my fellow d-moms online and truly value the written words about others’ experiences.

    1. I find that too – when you hit another milestone or take another step, it’s rehashing all the reality and details of it. On a day to day basis, I don’t really think about it too much – it’s mostly routine. But when we make a big change – like switching to a pump – I start thinking about that whats and whys and the wave of emotions comes back. I hope though that you and your daughter find some freedom from pumping. I am grateful that our kids have the benefit of the advancements that exist today.

  7. You rock Lorraine. I can’t wait to talk to you about this. What a wonderful website. I am proud to know you. Caleb is truly blessed.

  8. Hello Lorraine!

    I honestly do not feel the pod insertion anymore… Did you keep it on for the 3 days and bolus also?

    I think your a super-mom and Caleb is a lucky kid to have you!!!


    1. I wore it the whole time, but did not bolus. I would have needed another controller to do that and we only had the one of course. Thanks for your comment Kenny!

  9. Hi.
    I’ve been a type 1 sufferer since I was 2 years old. Trust me, when someone said to you it could be worse, they were right!!! Coming from someone that has been through primary school and high school with the disease, it is difficult yes, but not impossible to live with, and the only way it restricts you is if you choose to be a victim. I’ve never missed out on anything, and no i’m not perfect but i don’t let it control me. I haven’t had the chance to use any kind of pump because I live in the UK. Every time we go to the doctors we ask about anything new but as of yet nothing has become available over here. Fingers crossed one day i might get the chance to make my life a bit easier!!!

    Good luck with everything, and if you ever need anyone to talk to please feel free to e-mail me. Good luck with everything,

    Katie xo

  10. i want to know if u have to chang the omni pod i mean like get a new every 3 days? i want to know becouse i was diagnosed with type 1 biabetes april 1st 2009 and i havent reached my one year make but think i might like to try the omni pod once i do.

    1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Caleb started pumping with the OmniPod about three months after he was diagnosed. Yes, we change the Pod about every three days. You can see us change it in a couple of videos on the right of the blog page if you are interested. Lorraine

  11. I read this and I thought I was the only one who went through this with their child. With LJ (my diabetic) he gave me I think all together 3 sites. We use the animas Ping. I even hooked up to the pump and wore it with saline to see if I could feel the insulin/saline going to the body. I couldn’t feel anything, not even the insertion…..So I am glad to see I’m not the only one…

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