D Tweeps to the rescue!

On the way to the game
On the way to the game

This is a shout out to my friends on Twitter.

Yesterday, we went to an MLB game. MLB stadium means stadium food. Stadium food means unknown carbs and usually not the best food which typically means out of range BGs and stress and anxiety.

Yesterday was different.  We got to the stadium at lunch time and decided to eat. Caleb ordered up a hotdog and the kid’s special came with Kozy Shack pudding – I could handle that.  We’ve done hot dogs often enough and I did a Calorie King search on my phone for the pudding: up to 44 carbs.  Then Caleb’s brother asked for a pretzel – one of the enormous, soft, stadium pretzels.  We got a couple to share.  Okay I could do this.  I did a Google search and a Calorie King search and the results were mixed.  I saw anything from 45 to 101 carbs.  Hmmm.  How do I decide?

Normally in this circumstance I begin to tense.  I am typically surrounded by three children with various questions and needs and all vocalizing them simultaneously.  Any adults present, although aware of the extra work D takes, do not truly appreciate the implications that eating unknown carbs of unusual foods have.  I am alone with this responsibility.  I need to think and think quickly while trying to meet the various other needs of, “I’m hot”, “When will the game start?” “Can I have ketchup with that?”  “Did you see the train pass by?” “Look there’s Jeter!”  You get the picture.

Well yesterday I had a different approach.  I tweeted, “How many carbs in a stadium pretzel?”  Here are some of the responses I received within minutes:IMG_0665

The results were similar to what I had already found from my own searches.  The difference was that I did not feel isolated.  I had people surrounding me who understood.  People who wanted to help.  People who validated what a was considering.  I literally felt like they were there beside me, whispering in my ear, giving me advice and support to make this decision.  I was not alone.

So I took the information and made a decision with the help of my Tweeps, bolused Caleb and we all ate.  I was not stressed and tensed.  I did not feel this big weight on my shoulders wondering if I had made the right decision.  I had input from others.  We did this together.

Yankee Stadium July 18, 2009
Yankee Stadium July 18, 2009

The good news is, Caleb’s BGs were great.  This was the first time an outing was not a disaster of lows or highs or both.  There was no gray cloud of D casting its shadow on our fun.  Although I think part of that is attributable to the alignment of the planets, I know it also had to do with me being able to make good carb decisions.  Caleb felt good, I felt good.  It was indeed a victory.

So thank you Tweeps for being there with me yesterday.  You helped make the day more enjoyable.

Oh and A-Rod hit a homer, Jeter made a great play to first and Mo did what Mo does best and the Yankees had a victory too.  It was a great outing all around!

8 Replies to “D Tweeps to the rescue!”

  1. Wow…I’m honored to be mentioned! I think it is sooooo great to see Twitter really helping the D community connect! (I don’t think I gave you a good carb count, though :|). So glad the game was fun all around!!

  2. Loved reading this post! Brought tears of joy of how to online diabetes community makes us NOT ALONE! 🙂

    Hope that you and Caleb have many more good outings like this one!!!

  3. Glad everything went right at the game!!! The only issue I noticed was you went to the wrong stadium… You should have been in Flushing Queens!!! 😉

    The other thing I like to do when going to baseball games (I go to an avg. of 20 a year) I like to bring my own food, easy to count the carbs and they allow it!!! I know it’s tough when all the kids want hot dogs and what not, but it makes it easier.

    Although you did great anyway!

  4. Feeling less isolated is what the DOC is all about. It is really the best thing ever isn’t it? We’re all in this thing together, and there is always support just a tweet away! 🙂

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