We were lucky

Caleb just days before diagnosis.
Caleb just days before diagnosis.

So if you have read my other posts you know that we waited even when we strongly suspected that Caleb had type 1 diabetes. On New Year’s Eve, we did not rush to the ER or even call the doctor. We waited 2 days to call the doctor and didn’t even see a doctor until the day after we called. I did not know the symptoms and for weeks did nothing about his thirst and frequent bathroom use. I knew nothing about the risks.

When Caleb was diagnosed his A1C was 9.8. He was not in ketoacidosis. He must have been somewhat dehydrated, but not severely. He was not sick. But for the fact that there is no out-patient training for type 1 diabetes where we are, I believe he would not have been admitted.

We were lucky. Very lucky.

If you see the telltale signs of diabetes – thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, lethargy – do not wait. Holiday or otherwise – do not wait. Seek medical attention. At a minimum, buy an inexpensive glucose meter and check your blood sugar. If out of the normal range, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Left untreated, even for just days, things can get out of control quickly. Here is a story that shows how quickly things can get very serious.

Do not wait.

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  1. Hi,
    My 4 year old sister was diagnosed 2 years ago. We almost lost her. She had been drinking and going to the bathroom constantly, even peeing the bed( she was potty tried by 1 year) She wouldnt eat. My mom took my sister to a clinic, they told my mother if she wouldnt give her the juice( which is the drink she was wanting at the time) then she would eat and get better. My mother was furious. So she got a meter and checked my sisters sugar. It was in the 600’s! She rushed her to the emergency room. They immediatly rushed her to a childrens hospital. They poked and prodded. But she didnt care at that time because she was so tired. She stayed in the hospital for a week. When we took her home she weighed only 23 pounds. But to end on a happier note she is better now, 2 years later. She takes her shots like a pro and even checks her own sugar. I just wanted to let you know, your videos and blog have made our lives a lot more enjoyable knowing there is other kids and parents going through the same problems. Thank You.

  2. My 2 year olds only symptoms were excessive peeing. He would go through his diaper and pants in literally minutes. I had tried calling the doctor all day (last thursday) to get an appointment, but never received a call back. At 5pm, my husband and I took him to the ER. The doctor there laughed at us, and said we were over reacting! He almost didn’t check anything. I had googled before we went in (not always a good thing) and asked him to at least do blood tests. He thought there was no point. He even assured me that everything would come back negative. Callans blood sugar was 1102! He was DKA. He was immediately rushed to a PICU in another town .. in another state even. I just can’t even begin to imagine what would have happened if I had not followed my gut! He hadn’t lost weight, and was acting like a normal two year old!

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