Caleb is my second of three children. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three in January 2007. He has used the OmniPod Insulin Management System since April 2007 and the DexCom Continuos Glucose Monitor since September 2009.

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In the Middle #backtoschool

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My kids went back to school on Monday. They are each starting a new school – one in high school, one in middle school and one moving up to her intermediate elementary school. New schools mean new schedules and lots of adjusting. We are on day number three and I’m happy to report, so far, so good. We’re all learning and adapting. 

Entering a middle school means having lots of teachers. Lots of teachers means lots of emergency supply bins. I’ve seen many people posting pictures of their school supplies and I did the same. Each of Caleb’s ten classroom will have an emergency set of carbs – juice, glucose School Suppliestabs and gels. Caleb carries a stash of carbs with him and rarely needs to go into the reserves, but you never know when a stubborn low day will come your way. 

We’re still trying to figure things out from what to leave in your locker to insulin to carb ratios. I will report back with our routine once we get it settled. In the meantime, if you are heading back to school soon and are looking for tools to prepare your child’s teachers, I recommended checking out the ADA’s Safe at School series of videos. We used the Hypoglycemia one specifically for an all-staff orientation. 


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