Caleb is my second of three children. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three in January 2007. He has used the OmniPod Insulin Management System since April 2007 and the DexCom Continuos Glucose Monitor since September 2009.

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The New D Bag – CMC Urban Pack | PDM Carrying Case

For the past few years, Caleb’s been able to effectively carry his OmniPod PDM and other essentials in this: Photo Jul 17, 3 16 47 PMContents and full post about this nifty little case can be found here.

This year, he’s upgraded to something a little bigger. Things were a little cramped in the other bag. But the proportions of the bag to his body were good so we made it work. Now that he has a bigger body, he can handle a little bigger bag without being too clumsy. I wasn’t looking for a new bag; I just happened upon this. It’s by the make maker of the smaller one, and I figured it was worth a shot.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.59.04 AM


PDM Carrying Case | CMC Urban PackHe carries about the same stuff in it. He uses his iPod to keep me updated throughout the day, and this case has ample room for that. He typically carries his DexCom receiver with his Tallygear cover in a pocket, but there’s enough room to stash it in this bag if he’s going to active and doesn’t want to carry it.

An unplanned advantage of this new bag is that it holds his new Nightscout rig perfectly in a separate, safe compartment!

More on our CGM in the Cloud experience coming next.

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